Month: November 2017

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The Christian Trained Media Answer, w/ Satchell Drakes

When internet friends become real friends, it gets too real. Today, Satchell Drakes, a content creator and host of Forbe's OVERWORLD podcast joins Kevin to talk about being queer, POC and Christian in a world dominated by cis, straight, white dudes: the world of video games. They also talk about faith (classic), Satch's story, and even gush over mutual friend, Matthew Vines. Listen to "#40 The Christian Media Trained Answer, feat. Satchell Drakes" on Spreaker. ... You can connect with Satchell Drakes on twitter @SatchellDrakes, insta @stachell.drakes, and listen to him on Forbe's OVERWORLD podcast, available wherever you listen to your podcasts. ... Support this podcast by becoming a sustaining partner at