Announcing (re)Connect: a daily devotional series

Last weekend I got my laptop stolen. My boyfriend and I were at a pride event and when we returned to the car, his back window was smashed out and my bag was swiped. It was the most unfortunate thing. I don’t make a huge amount of money, and I went automatically to the what the hell am I gonna do mentality.

But thankfully, my insurance is dope, and was able to cover the cost of a new laptop with the capabilities I need. Though, I did lose a lot of my audio and video files from my portable hard drives… 😭 I hope whoever has that looks at those videos and gets convicted in the spirit… ANYWAYS!

Now that I’m back on track, I’m sharing with you what I wanted to share over a week ago, and it’s this:

On November 1, I’m launching my newest project: (re)Connect. A devotional series sent straight to your inbox every single day. 

Drawing on the tradition of the lectionary, the book used by many mainline denominations to choose the text for their teachings that week so that the whole family of God was reading together, we’ll be diving into daily scripture reading, reflection, prayer and meditation. So if you’ve had trouble with these practices before, or maybe you’ve had some daily practices you and you want to switch it up, this is the perfect opportunity.

Here’s the thing…

I need your help.

I love love love this work. So much. Nothing brings me more exitement or greater joy than helping LGBTQ folks and allies connect with greater spiritual truths and get empowered to live fearlessly authentic lives. But it does take work! And time. And frankly, it takes money. Every month I’ve got around $200 in expenses that surround the creation of podcasts, blogs, and videos. Moreover, the hours I put in, and there is physical and emotional labor in talking about this stuff.

SO! I’m asking for you to join me in pledging your support. I’m asking for folks to pledge $7 a month to help fund LGBTQ content creation. (That’s just 23 cents a day.)

And how do you do this? Simply by going to starting Nov. 1 You’ll get this devo sent straight to your inbox. 🎉 On top of that, you’re supporting the work, helping with the costs of creating new content to give people hope, and helping improve the quality and frequency of the content.

Are you in? I hope so.

Thanks so much, and I look forward to partnering with you and to releasing the (re)Connect devotional on Nov. 1.

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Learn more about what Patreon is and why I ask for support by visiting my Patreon page here. 


  • Jeremy

    Wish I were in a position to help you, Kevin. You do a great job! But I’m struggling myself to make ends meet and having at present to depend on the help of some kind friends to keep afloat. Not sure where next month’s support will come from and if it will be enough to keep me going, so don’t have a dime to spare. Lol. All I can do is wish you well.