Author: Kevin Garcia

Kevin Garcia is a writer, musician, creative, recovering type-A personality and a hot mess of a human being, to say the least. He graduated from college in 2015 with a degree in music and has been everything from a missionary to a barista to a corporate office worker since then. Kevin's heart is for people in the midst of their quarter life crisis, for the LGBT community, and for those who have been ostracized by the church to know the love of Christ, and to be welcomed into the community of the Church. He believes that by telling our story, we set others free to share theirs. Kevin currently lives life in Atlanta, GA, and is currently working on his first book on his journey as a gay Christian. You can follow the ratch life of Kevin Garcia on Twitter: @theKevinGarcia_ Instagram: @theKevinGarcia And read what is on his mind at
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5 Tips for Self-Care Online in the Trump Era

Our country is insane right now. Between our president deciding that neo-nazis and white supremacists are not bad people, glaring police brutality... ya know. The usual. It's easy to get overwhelmed and it's easy to forget to take care of yourself in all of this. But how do we take care of yourself when the news is on 24 hours a day and our phones are always in our hands? What does self-care look like in the Trump era? I am no self-care guru, and I don't even pretend to be the best at self-care, but I am trying and getting better. So here are 5 Self-Care Tips for the Trump Era: First: Don't read the comments. This may seem…