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Clarity is Reasonable

It’s been the topic across multiple denominations and multiple Christian subculture circles: Church Clarity, an organization dedicated to asking churches across our country a very simple question-
What is your policy?

Today, one of the co-founders of Church Clarity, George Mekhail, joins us to talk about the project, the awesome stuff that has happened, the push back it’s gotten, and where it’s leading all of us. Kevin also shares how a lack of clarity ended up hurting him, his friends, and damaging the witness of his local congregation.

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  1. Thanks for this great interview. I feel sad and angry about how Kevin was betrayed by his church. Passive-aggressive vagueness is a big problem with church culture because the leadership doesn’t want to lose members and their tithes. (Sorry to sound cynical.) Clarity, as an ideal and practice, will benefit not only LGBTQ folks but all of us.