#ERLC2014 and what it means for Today’s Church

If you didn’t know, the Southern Baptist Convention hosted their annual Ethics and Religious Liberties Commission conference in Nashville over the past week, and good Lord… where do I start to react to this?

The main theme of this conference was “The Gospel, Homosexuality, and the Future of Marriage.” You can imagine why I was fearful to watch any part of this conference. The conservative (and by conservative, I really mean fearful) rhetoric that ‘the gays’ were dirty, sinful, out to destroy the family and devalue traditional marriage is what I have grown up with and is also the voice that is speaking the loudest in our culture. That is what I expected to hear, however there were moments when I was pleasantly surprised by a few speakers who spoke with grace, love, and a genuine love for all people.

It should be noted that this conference had a big focus on strengthening marriage, addressing topics such as the reality of pornography addiction within our congregations, especially in leadership. They spoke on social justice for sex trafficking victims, adultery, culture that has become numb to divorce, and what they called the “moral revolution” (the idea that Christian familial values are no longer the view of the majority). There were really great points made. There was an emphasis placed on the Church, for our leaders and our membership to get our houses in order and educate ourselves on sin issues facing our culture instead of whispering about them in the backgrounds of church meetings. A great point was made that yes, maybe we should feel uncomfortable in the present culture because we are called to be different.

However, too often they lumped the LGBT community right in there with all of these issues…

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