Why is Dating so Hard for Queer Christians?

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The Kingdom of God is Like a Weed

I sat on the floor, crying through the frustration and helplessness I'd been feeling lately. I was aggravated with myself and the fact within me is the capacity for both great nuance and my "burn it all down" attitude. Looking around the room, confessing my need for control, confessing my need forgiveness and community, and the fact that surrendering is not my highest skill, I felt a weight begin lifting off of me. I felt the fires that burned at the pit of my stomach start to turn into mere embers. I felt like none of the fighting mattered in the midst of this beautiful moment. And even if I didn't succeed in my goal of changing my church, I…

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You’re Gettin’ All in My Kool-Aid

Darren Calhoun and Kevin go all the way back to their journey of becoming affirming of themselves. Since they met at #TRPinATL almost two years ago, it's been a whirlwind of a journey in discovering who they are. In this conversation they talk about the need for Church Clarity, learning to love one's self, intersectional justice, the realities of dating when you don't know how to, sexual health, and more. Listen to "#38 - You're Gettin' All in My Kool-Aid..." on Spreaker. ... You can connect with Darren on social media by following @HeyDarren and on his blog, Additionally, check out his amazing band, The Many, and the music they are creating at . ... If you think this work is important,…

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Red Lobster is an ABOMINATION (and other things Leviticus says)

"Have you even read Leviticus?" Yes, Barbara, we've read it. And you may have read it, but do you understand it? In this video, we dive into the everyone's favorite book of the Bible to throw at LGBTQ folks, and what those two popular clobber passages are probably addressing. Thanks so much for watching. If this video was helpful for you, please consider helping support the work of creating videos, blogs, and podcasts thru becoming a sustaining partner on Patreon. Even just $1 a month, makes a huge difference. Learn more at


“Thoughts and Prayers” is just like praying on the street corner

"If white kids got killed and they did nothing, I don't have much hope they will do anything else after anyone gets shot.." My friend said that yesterday after we heard about the shooting in Texas. And I hate how Every time there is a mass shooting, I always have a faint hope. "Is this gonna be enough this time? Will people finally demand some sensible gun reform? Will we be able to shake our representatives from the pocket of wealthy gun lobbyists and the NRA?” Big shock: no. Bigger shock: they’ll all tweet “thought and prayers” when they should be passing reform immediately to save lives. Along with a bunch of people you know, probably.  "Thoughts and prayers" is as…


I Want To Notice

The other day I was at work, readying the restaurant for the lunch shift, as I do most days, and I had this moment of clarity. I noticed the moment. I noted that I existed at that moment and I could hear, see, feel, appreciate everything. I noted the cool, fall air, and the red leaves that were falling outside in perfect choreography with the wind. I felt the weight of my jacket on my arms as I took the chairs down and noticed how I didn't feel compelled to be anywhere else. I saw myself faintly in the reflection of the window... my, my, how things have changed in over a year. I used to write about these moments…

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No, Church Clarity is not Fundamentalism. It’s a step towards freedom.

If you don't frequent Christian social media circles, you probably haven't heard about the new project that started recently called Church Clarity. It's an organization that is advocating for churches to disclose policies surrounding sensitive topics with their main emphasis being on LGBTQ policies and practices within churches. They score churches in a few ways, which can be seen here, ranging from undisclosed to unclear: non-affirming/affirming, or clear: non-affirming/affirming. For someone like me, a queer Christian who still engages in non-denominational and evangelical circles, this project is a huge blessing because so many of us have said, "God, wouldn't it be great if we had a database that was up to date and accurate?" Because so many of us have been…