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Sin and Setting Shit on Fire w/ Austen Hartke

So it’s the 21st century, and while many of us in progressive movement have evolved when talking about many topics, there is one thing that we all have trouble talking about: sin. Sure, it might be easier to talk about corporate and cultural sins like racism, but what about for the individual? And how do we talk about it as queer people? Today, Austen Hartke, creator of the YouTube series “Transgender and Christian” joins me to discuss just that. We also talk about doubt, faith, and setting shit on fire.   Listen to "A Tiny Revolution with Kevin Garcia" on Spreaker. Connect with Austen Hartke on all the social media @AustenLionheart, and connect with all his work through www.AustenHartke.com Get…


I Don’t Know Why I’m Still a Christian

My friend, J, texted me the other day. "Why am I still a Christian?" Gosh, if I had a dollar for every time that thought crossed my mind on a weekly basis, I think I'd be able to pay my rent. And it's a question I couldn't answer for him, let alone myself. So I asked why he stayed? Why did he, why do we stay in spaces that we have been told we're not welcome, spaces that are associated with the people who have hurt and are still hurting the queer community. "I'm just so angry. Because things like this:" And he sent a link to this twitter profile which I have no idea what the hell to do with:…


Can You Be Gay and Christian?

It was the first question I had to answer before I could answer anything else. And it took me over 12 years. Watch this video where I share my story for the first time in video form. Share it with your friends! And be sure to subscribe to my YouTube Channel so you don't miss any of the cool videos coming your way. Thank you for watching. Be sure to subscribe to the blog and learn how you can support the creation of work like this on Patreon.

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Dear Straight Christians

Dear Straight Christians, First of all, if you're reading this and already feeling a little self-conscious or defensive, I need you to stop. If you want to start yelling back at me say, "Not All Christians!" I want to say DUH. I know that. If the following complaints don't apply to you, then it isn't about you. But this is my lived experience and the lived experience of so many other queer folks, and especially queer Christians. So don't take that away from me. And I'm sharing these stories with you, not to shame them, but to give an example of what not to do. This past week I was accosted twice by straight Christians. I was just minding my…

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Know Thy Selfie

In an age where we are so connected via social media and online community, why is it that we feel quite alone at times? Why is it that we know more about celebrities and internet personalities than we do about our neighbors? Let's talk about it. In this episode, we're covering parasocial relationships, Beyoncé, tribalism, online community vs proximal community, sacramental friendship and so much more! Listen to "Episode 28: Know Thy Selfie" on Spreaker. If you love this episode, or the blog, or anything else I've created, please consider becoming a supporter of this through Patreon to help with the financial cost and labor of creating this podcast. And be sure to check out my YouTube Channel, launching May 31st!


Updates and other fun things!

Hello, friends! It's been a minute since I've just shared with you what projects I'm working on right now. SO! This blog is just a personal update on my life and the projects I'm working on right now so you can know what the heck I'm up to. The YouTubeChannel. It's real. It's happening. And I'm super duper excited. I've already got 5 videos ready to go, so when this launches in a couple weeks, it'll already have content ready to go. The focus of my youtube channel is going to be educational resources, videos talking about queer Christian experiences and the biblical case for LGBTQ inclusion and affirmation. Think of all the stuff we talk about in conferences, just a…

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A Better Church for Everyone

Dr. Ken Fong served at his church for nearly four decades, and in that time, walked his church from being simply a place that was loving, but not affirming, to a family that fully inclusive and embraced LGBTQ+ identities. In this podcast, Kevin and Dr. Fong cover that, plus feelings about evangelicalism in light of a Trump administration, our reptile brains, his podcast-Asian America, and how to make a better church for everyone. Listen to "Episode 27: A Better Church for Everyone" on Spreaker. ... You can connect with Dr. Ken Fong on Twitter @KenUyedaFong, and you can check out his podcast at AsianAmericaPodcast.com. ... Music for this podcast included: "Disco Lounge" by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative…