Ratchet Conversations

Closer: a Ratchet Conversation with @EdenGemMusic

Tonight, I had the pleasure of sitting down with Deidra  Love and Elizabeth Jackson, aka Liz & Lovely, of Eden Gem. And INCREDIBLE alt R&B duo who just dropped their first single. We talk about creative processes, about the reality of making it work as a real person delving into the creative world, and the truth that when you have a dream in your heart is always worth pursuing because God put it there. You can follow Eden Gem on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook @EdenGemMusic And you can download their new Single, "Closer" HERE for FREE. (Srsly... its free music, and it is good, so you have no excuse.)  


What If we stopped asking What If

I hear people say that they don't live with regrets, but that they are thankful for every single moment of adversity in their life because it has caused them to become who they are. I am not one of those people. For the most part, if it is hard, I don't want it. If I things get hairy, I tend to shy away. For someone who has terrible cardio endurance, I am a great runner. Over the past few months, that has kind of changed. I'm not quite sprinting back home as a prodigal son, but I feel like I am putting one foot in front of the other. Having lost my crowns and titles, having lost my self-worth, I…


25 Things to Learn before turning 25

I turn 25 in two days, and I feel like I could practically be dead. That’s drastic. Maybe not dead, but it is definitely a sobering thing to say: I am going to be 25 years old. When did this whole adult thing start? I can’t exactly point it out, but somewhere between gaining the right to vote and  taking on the last of my own bills, I guess I became an adult… maybe. Adulthood doesn’t look anything like I thought. It’s not squeaky clean, and it’s not smooth sailing. Having a job and paying bills, and doing “grown up” stuff is not what my little seven-year-old mind imagined. And in hindsight I think there are plenty of things I…


One More Day: an open letter to World Racers everywhere

Today is 11/11, which has been named World Race Day, a day to celebrate a culture, a community, and the countless lives being changed and impacted for the Kingdom of God. The World Race an incredible kingdom journey that takes young adults between 18-35, both married and single, to 11 different countries in 11 months. I had the pleasure of being a part of that journey in the summer of 2013 on 2nd gen R-Squad. When I stepped onto the plane on July 7, 2013, I was completely sold out on everything. Put me in the bush, let me get sick, I want it! I want the community, I want the challenge, I want all of what God has for…

Ratchet Conversations

Ratchet Conversations: The Church, The Poor & the Sojourner

Tonight I had the pleasure of talking with Max Holland, a friend of mine who I met 2 years ago at a New Years Eve party. I'm fairly certain that when we met, I had a beer in one hand and a cigarette in the other as I told him that I was going to be a missionary on the World Race. It was a sight to behold.... ANYWAYS! Ever since then, he and I have kept up with each other thru Facebook and Twitter, and I have grown to view him as a dear friend, brother in Christ, and someone who I believe will be a voice that shapes the 21st century North American Church. The conversation tonight was…


Shut Up & Listen

The alarm went off on Monday, and a bouquet of expletives escaped under my breath as I fumbled to find the snooze button on the touch screen. It was hard to exist this morning because just last night I returned from a lovely little vacation to visit a friend who now attends grad school in the mountains of Vermont. New England is gorgeous in the fall, and standing in the crisp mountain air, looking out over the vast forests which were being painted in gold and red (proof that Jesus is in Gryffindor), I felt something that I haven’t felt in months: My mind quieting, my body relaxing, and my heart open to listen to what God had to say.…


Jesus wasn’t a Republican

Growing up in the deep south, when I said the words, “One nation, under God,” I was under the impression that everyone in America was Christian. I assumed that everyone thought like I did and that anyone who disagreed was a heathen. As I entered my teens, there was part of me that thought being Christian meant that you had to vote republican. And as far as the Gallop poll is concerned, to be in the “evangelical christian” block means that you are going to vote republican. Confession: I haven’t voted for a republican since I was eligible to vote. (And every God fearing, gun toting, church goer pulls out their concealed weapons and threatens me until I leave the…