Jesus wasn’t a Republican

Growing up in the deep south, when I said the words, “One nation, under God,” I was under the impression that everyone in America was Christian. I assumed that everyone thought like I did and that anyone who disagreed was a heathen. As I entered my teens, there was part of me that thought being Christian meant that you had to vote republican. And as far as the Gallop poll is concerned, to be in the “evangelical christian” block means that you are going to vote republican. Confession: I haven’t voted for a republican since I was eligible to vote. (And every God fearing, gun toting, church goer pulls out their concealed weapons and threatens me until I leave the…


how writing made me a better Christian

I stood outside the bar with a friend who offered me a cigarette, and after two beers, on a somewhat chilly evening, I didn’t mind indulging the old habit. It had been quite sometime. My track record since quitting wasn’t perfect, but it had been a few months since I wrote this long blog about how I was lay down a personal freedom in order that I may have something better. “WHAT are you DOING!” My dear friend, Kari, was exasperated at the sight of me with the white, burning stick in my hand. “You wrote a blog about this! You can’t just write a blog and then-” “You are right.” I said, very calmly. “I can’t do this.” And…


#ERLC2014 and what it means for Today’s Church

If you didn’t know, the Southern Baptist Convention hosted their annual Ethics and Religious Liberties Commission conference in Nashville over the past week, and good Lord… where do I start to react to this? The main theme of this conference was “The Gospel, Homosexuality, and the Future of Marriage.” You can imagine why I was fearful to watch any part of this conference. The conservative (and by conservative, I really mean fearful) rhetoric that ‘the gays’ were dirty, sinful, out to destroy the family and devalue traditional marriage is what I have grown up with and is also the voice that is speaking the loudest in our culture. That is what I expected to hear, however there were moments when…


S’Avery: #cheesin4areason

Tonight, I had a conversation with my friend @Avery_Harris about her new start up, S'Avery! A non profit food truck she is wanting to start. You can become a part of her story. She has raised just under $7000 in 13 days, and the goal? $100,000. WE CAN DO IT! Please consider partnering with her. Check out her indie-go-go project HERE.


we’re the diamonds

I hit shuffle on my iPod (yes, I still rock an iPod suckas!) and let me tell you what, I am having a blast discovering what kind of music has cropped up in my library as of late. Things I didn't know that I had, things I had not heard in forever, and things that I cannot believe I stopped listening to. I got surprised by a new artist: JohnnySwim. Holy smokes, guys. Seriously, you need to have this in your life. The opening track is upbeat, fun, driving, and uplifting. And it uses one of my favorite words: Diamonds. ... When I was a missionary, I spent a month in Serbia, and it proved to be a turning point…


featured on Bedlam| The Dangers of Emotional Intimacy

Whether or not we will admit it to your face, men are just as emotional as women. Okay, maybe not all men… Maybe it’s just me. I am emotional, and I’m good at expressing myself. And if you are like me, you are almost too good at expressing your emotions. (And you also might admit to crying on a weekly basis because you thought about social injustice or something triggered thoughts of your ex or you watched Love Actually by yourself…again.) I’ve gotten better though. I used to vomit my emotions, and effectively over-share my story with anyone who cared to hear. I thought being vulnerable with everyone would add depth to my relationships, and what I found was that…


what is worth fighting for?

Part of my first project with 1st World Possibilities was giving away guest blog posts for donating a certain amount. So! My friend, and world race squadmate, Laura Quam is going to be sharing with you what her passion in life is. ________________________________ What is worth fighting for? For you it may be a marriage, a relationship, a calling, your child, your passions, your life battling a deadly disease, an adoption process. For me in my life I know that I'm called to fight for orphans specifically because if I don't fight for orphans then who will? If I don't fight for orphans right now, then when? An orphan is worth fighting for. Not only because they are abandoned  by…