a tiny revolution


Everyday, we are all fighting battles —tiny revolutions in our hearts, minds and souls. Many of us are out on the front lines of culture wars, on the protest marches, in the policy making meetings, and in the trenches of relationships that we hope will lead to a modicum of change for our community. And it can be tiresome. What we see in the media is nothing but sadness, injustice, brutality, and it tempts our humanity to fall into the despair.

This is an attempt to push against that despair.

Hosted by Kevin GarciaA Tiny Revolution celebrates the victories that happen in our everyday life with everyday people. Each week, Kevin brings you regular conversation from his friends who are also working in various justice movements, interviews with change makers and world shakers from across the country and world, and brings a little bit of life and light in a space that could be taken over by darkness.

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