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Rev. Emmy Kegler is Trying to Convert Me

AND WE’RE BACK! This week, Rev. Emmy Kegler shares her story towards becoming a Lutheran pastor and subtly tries to convert Kevin to the mainline. It’s honestly such a fun conversation, and there are some beautiful moments where we talk about communion and the power of religious community. Enjoy!

Listen to “Episode 25 – Rev. Emmy Kegler is Trying to Convert Me” on Spreaker.

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You can connect with Rev. Emmy Kegler on twitter @EmmyKegler and with her writing at QueerGrace.com.
The music for today’s show was by My Terrible Friend, of their self-titled EP. The song is called “When I Decide.” Check out that project along with all of Nataly Dawn’s work online at https://www.youtube.com/user/natalydawn