So I’m a big podcast nerd, and so here, I’ve compiled some of my favorite podcasts. Some of them relating to sexuality and faith, some just about faith, others about life in general, some race, and others just random. I hope you’ll have a listen and you’ll get some inspiration. All are available thru the itunes podcast app, or wherever you get your podcasts from.

Below, I’ve got specific episodes I think you should listen to, because they honestly are some of the best conversations on issues close to my heart. BUT! I think you should diversify who you listen to.

Shows you should listen to:
Another Round, from Buzzfeed,
This American Life,
Code Switch from NPR

The Liturgists:

Black and White- Racism in America
Prophet or Ass? feat. Rachel Held Evans
The Voice of God

Robcast from Rob Bell:

Guns & Politics, Part 1 – Politics is a Good Word
Guns & Politics, Part 2 – The Endless Tension
Guns & Politics, Part 3 – The Power of Policy
Guns & Politics, Part 4 – The United States of America 
Guns & Politics, Part 5 – The Question at the Heart of the Empire
Guns & Politics, Part 6 – We Can Do This

God, Part 1
God, Part 2
God, Part 3

#BlackLivesMatter with Opal Tometi
Interview with Oprah Winfrey

You Made It Weird with Pete Holmes:

Richard Rohr
Elizabeth Gilbert