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Theology as Survival

Welcome to Black History Month! This month you’ll be hearing encore episode from some of my favorite black guests who have brought incredible stories with them. Hope you enjoy!

Unapologetically black, queer, and an Episcopal priest, Rev. Broderick Greer has been a public presence, a sought out speaker and continues to be a touchstone for many in this new revolution of Christian faith.

In this conversation, Kevin and Rev. Greer talk about the intersections of all these multiple identities and what it is to have the Gospel of Jesus be something that actually resonates with your people and context. 

It’s fire, y’all.

Listen to “#46 – Theology as Survival feat. Rev. Broderick Greer (Encore Episode)” on Spreaker.

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You can find Broderick Greer on Twitter: @BroderickGreer, Facebook.com/theRevBroderickGreer, and on his website, BroderickGreer.com.