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We Don’t Know What We’re Doing

Happy New Year, everyone! (BTW- Kevin sounds horrible on this track because after a night of well mannered frivolity, his voice was a mess. SO! just listen closely.)

For many of us Queer Christian folk, we are heading into the new year and headed to the Gay Christian Network Conference in Pittsburgh!

On today’s podcast, we’ve got two conversations: one with Matthias Roberts and Kevin Garcia, who are talking about their joint workshop. And then on the second part of the podcast, Kevin interviews author and speaker, Amber Cantorna about her story, her book, and their shared hopes for the future.


Listen to “Episode 17: We Don’t Know What We’re Doing” on Spreaker.

You can connect with Matthias Roberts on all the social medias @MatthiasRoberts and on his blog, Matthiasroberts.com.

And you can connect with Amber on twitter @AmberCantorna, on Facebook.com/beyond.AmberCantorna, and on her blog AmberCantorna.com.