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Permissions Slips & Processes with Aydian Dowling

In this week's episode of A Tiny Revolution Once again, Kevin and Amelia tackle your questions surround love and romance with little to no real world experience in the matters of love or romance. LOLZ, am I right? And then transgender fitness model and social entrepreneur, Aydian Dowling, joins Kevin for a SUPER interesting and SUPER long conversation about life, body positivity, identity, doing what you’re created to do, marriage, and more. Check out Aydian Dowling on his YouTube channel and be sure to buy something neat from his clothing line, point5cc.com. And do me a favor, rate the ATR Podcast in the iTunes Store! And be sure to share this on social. ;) thanks babe. ... Featured Image by FTM Magazine. Interview…

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I Can’t Check My Gay Identity at the Church Door

“I don’t see you as ‘Kevin, the gay guy,’ I just see you as Kevin! You’re just you!” A friend of mine said that to me a few months back. It was a bit jarring to hear, to be honest. Coming from someone who I counted as family for so long, these words were sharp and painful. While, on one hand, I’m grateful that people would seek to see me as more than a single issue, to see the complexity of my humanity, rejecting or choosing not to see a part of me is still a jab to the heart. Yes, I am complex, like everyone else, but my gay identity is still part of me. This is the mindset of…

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Garrard Conley is Still Gay

Armed with with learning how to do everything wrong, Kevin and Amelia tackle your relationship and dating questions in a new segment called, "Decent Advice." And then later, Kevin talks to author Garrard Conley about his book, "Boy Erased," his memoir about surviving ex-gay therapy, and the mindsets that contribute to this still pervasive and dangerous practices. Spoiler alert: Garrard is still gay. TRIGGER WARNING: Garrard and Kevin will be discussing traumatic material, including sexual assault, ex-gay therapy, and spiritual violence. And per usual, adult language is present. You can find Garrard at GarrardConley.com, on Twitter and Instagram @Gayrodcon, and you can pick up a copy of "Boy Erased" wherever books are sold. Listen and leave your comments below!  

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Lead with Love, not Your Theology

In this episode of A Tiny Revolution, I share my thoughts on leading with love, and not your theology (especially if your theology sucks). Then, I talk with pastor and author, Colby Martin, about his upcoming book, Unclobber: rethinking our misuse of the bible on homosexuality, which hits stores in September. Colby lost nearly everything when he came out as open and affirming. However, despite the immense heartbreak and a ton of questions, Colby says that actually standing strong in what he truly believed was what lead him into a life that was more full, more joyful, and more in line with who God was calling him to be. I count him as an ally to the LGBT community, someone who loves…


More Than A T-Shirt

I was in Knoxville a few weeks back, I was working the Shop Progress booth and making connections with some really wonderful people. About half way through the day, a young woman who came up to our booth, and was looking for her size in the “Love Has No Gender” tank top in pink. “Here you go,” I handed it to her, not really thinking much of it until I saw what her eyes were saying. There was light behind them, aching to burst forth. “Oh my gosh, thank you so much,” she said to me. It was as if she’d never had a shirt like this, one that really encompassed her story. In the center of my chest, I…

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Crushing Beers with Science Mike

HEY! This is my first podcast ever! AH! In this first episode, Kevin and friends discuss the RNC, Michele Obama, and the zombie apocalypse. Then, Kevin has a conversation with Science Mike about his new book, "Finding God in The Waves," as well as Taylor vs Kim, prayer, and Pokemon Go! Leave your comments at bedlampodcastnetwork.com/atinyrevolution And be sure to subscribe on iTunes to get automatic updates sent straight to your phone. Enjoy! Find out more about Mike's new book, "Finding God in the Waves" by clicking here, and connect with all things Science Mike, including his book tour, podcasts, and more at AskScienceMike.com. Hey! Do me a favor and share this real quick on Facebook and Twitter? Thanks,…

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It’s 2016. Stop Calling Me a Homosexual.

I'm a seven on the enneagram, which means I'm the eternal optimist. I will more than likely willfully overlook obvious warning signs in favor of hopefully/maybe something good happening. Whether it's relationships or going to an event that is isn't particularly friendly to POC or to queer folk, I'm going in with my hands open, hoping for a good outcome. But, alas, my question of "are people seriously that uninformed?" (read: 'that stupid') got answered in a big way. I went to a gathering for creatives this morning in Atlanta called Creative Mornings (aptly named) to hear a speaker, a well known photographer, who was going to talk about "Love." Vague, I know. But I love Love! Especially when it's used as…