Shit Christians Say to LGBTQ People

This was my first scripted video for youtube that wasn't a vlog or explainer video, and I think it won't be the last either. If you've missed it, here it is: Be sure to subscribe and share it with your friends. :)  

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Please, Stop Calling Me a “Homosexual.”

I'm an eight on the enneagram with a really strong seven wing, which means, at times I can be the eternal optimist. I will more than likely willfully overlook obvious warning signs in favor of hopefully/maybe something good happening. Whether it's relationships or going to an event that is isn't particularly friendly to POC or to queer folk, I'm going in with my hands open, hoping for a good outcome. But, alas, my question of "are people seriously that uninformed?" (read: 'that stupid') got answered in a big way. I went to a gathering for creatives this morning in Atlanta called Creative Mornings (aptly named) to hear a speaker, a well-known photographer, who was going to talk about "Love." Vague, I know.…

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That’s Not On Brand

Growing up as a queer person of color, RV Mendoza knew how to play the game and played it better than anyone else. In his 20's, he began exploring what it would be like to live as openly queer Christian, and that revelation set him free to finally become the artist and person he always dreamt he could be. You're going to love this candid and hilarious conversation.   Listen to "A Tiny Revolution with Kevin Garcia" on Spreaker.   Follow RV Mendoza on FB, Twitter, and Insta @RVxMendoza. On Snapchat at rvmendoza And check out his blog at the intersection of money and mindfulness at  photo credit:  ... Learn more about Activist Theology here: ... Get your…

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“But Your Identity is in Christ!”

I'm always a bit weary with how much I share with people at church. It depends on how much energy or how much explaining in want to do in that moment. One evening, while I was having some lovely small talk with a young woman,  she shared part of her story, why she was in Atlanta, what she was doing, studying, blah blah blah. Small talk stuff. “So what about you? What’s your story?” Oh, boy… This is the point in the conversation where I say a quick prayer and try to discern whether or not this is the right moment to share with them that I’m gay. Because it will bring about one of a billion different reactions: She…

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Remembering Pulse and My First Pride Month

What happened at Pulse changed my lives, and so many of our lives, for forever. In the same moment where I was overcome with grief over the loss the queer community suffered, I also desperately needed my Christian community, the Church, to be a safe place for people to mourn in. But, in many ways, it wasn't and couldn't be that. I kept hearing that the LGBTQ community was in the thoughts and prayers of Christians, but is that enough? Is it enough to integrate someone into your thoughts and prayers if they aren't integrated into the life of your community? Is it enough to honor someone in death but never honor them in life? In this video, I revisit…


This is when I figured out what #PRIDE meant

About a year ago I was dating a guy we were holding hands in public. Nothing out of the ordinary if you're used to that sort of thing. It wasn't overly PDA because that stuff kind of grosses me out a bit. Just two gay dudes, holding hands, going to eat some pizza. As we were crossing the street,  just as we made it to the far side of the crosswalk, a car whizzes by us and a guy leans out the window screams, "FAGGOTS!" It took me a second to register what happened, and neither of us stopped walking. However, my jaw was practically dragging along the sidewalk. "Did that really just happen? Did we get called—" "Yep," my date responded. ...I was…


What Happens When You Take Scripture Out of Context

Hint: it hurts people and causes some serious spiritual and emotional damage. If you were here for the blog last week titled "Dear Straight Christians," this video is kind of the follow-up or offshoot of that. This is what happens when we take scriptures out of context.