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From Ex-Gay to EXTRA Gay

Ex-gay testimonies are a thing. No question about that. I know this because I, like many of my friends, used to identify as ex-gay, or people who "struggled with same-sex attraction." Since the late 90's and mid-2000's, when ex-gay or reparative therapy was in its hay day, it's been proven numerous times by numerous health organizations that attempting to suppress or change your sexual orientation or gender identity is not only dangerous but downright deadly. So why are there still people claiming to be ex-gay? Why do we still hear stories of people who were "healed" by God while the rest of us didn't get the same blessing? Here are my thoughts: Be sure to like, share and subscribe.

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We Started the Church that We Needed

I was feeling nostalgic today, thinking about my history with different churches and congregations. I've got some really good memories, y'all. And they smell like fried chicken and taste like sweet tea. They sound like laughter after a couple beers and feel like my feet just brushing the water by the lake with my friends.  I grew up in a very tight-knit church where my uncle was the pastor, my mother was the worship leader, and we were all in church about three times a week for practice or service of some sort. The youth group was my friend group. We had sleepovers (aka, LOCK-IN's for those of you who remember those) and played on the city-league softball team together (and…


As Yourself

I rarely ever share content on here that I don't make myself, but after listening to this podcast, I feel like so many of you may benefit from the latest Rob Bell Podcast. In here, he is talking about what it is to love your neighbor as yourself, and how often do we actually address that part- as yourself. Those of us who work in ministry, in justice work, who are marginalized identities, we often lack good self-care and good boundaries. And this podcast gives some dope ideas. Especially queer Christians who live in conservative contexts. How do we set up boundaries that lead us to life, that allow us to love ourselves so we can love others? This podcast gives some dope ideas.…

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I’ve Been Out for Two Years. This is What I’ve Learned.

The thing most people are surprised to learn about me is that I've been out for only two years... and it's been the most fulfilling, most interesting, most heartbreakingly beautiful years of my life. Listen to "#35: What I've Learned from Being Out for Two Years" on Spreaker. Here's the text if you'd like to share that with your friends: I remember the moment I hit publish. “It’s done.” I closed my laptop and turned to my roommate, who was also sleeping on a mattress, flat on the floor, in the room shared because we were both pretty much destitute.  I thought it was going to be the beginning of the greatest chapter of my life. And I was right,…

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Joyful Resistance with @JesKast

What happens when to enneagram 8's with strong 7 wings get together? They giggle and laugh and talk justice with a joyful edge. Rev. Jes Kast joins the podcast today with a conversation where she shares part of her story, and how she uses joy as a conduit for resistance. (And just a note, this conversation was had a couple of months ago and edited before the Nashville Statement was released, so if it feels like it's a little out of touch with what's happening in our world, that's why. Trust me, I am fuming like everyone else. But listen to this podcast, and enjoy two queers geeking out about Jesus. You'll love it.)  Listen to "#34 - Joyful Resistance…

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Why Supporting Trump is Completely Unbiblical (And Why Resistance Is)

I shouldn't have to list out the reasons why supporting the 45th president of the USA is completely unbiblical. Donald Trump is a liar, he has no sense of morality that would line up with what Jesus modeled for us, he thinks Nazis and white supremacists have some "fine people" among their ranks. The policies he's tried to institute have been direct discrimination against some of our societies most vulnerable... I mean do I need to go on? And yet, it seems like the evangelical Christian is the most likely person to support him in this country. You can look at the stats, the mass amounts of white men with old money who are supporting him and the people who show…