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Petty and/or Prophetic, feat. Alicia Crosby

Here's another #BlackHistoryMonth encore episode for A Tiny Revolution. This week, Alicia Crosby is back with this dope convo! Listen to "#48 - Petty and/or Prophetic, feat. Alicia Crosby (Encore Episode)" on Spreaker. What is the purpose of Church? What is a holy text? There are some incredible conversation points covered today when Kevin sits down with Alicia Crosby, co-founder of the Center for Inclusivity in Chicago. They talk about her story, how she started CFI, and their mutual passion for people finding good, spiritual community. ... You can follow Alicia Crosby on twitter @PromiseChaser And get connected with her work at the Center for Inclusivity at www.CenterforInclusivity.org

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Your Mental Health is Not a Spiritual Issue

A few weeks ago, Desiring God, the blog that John Piper runs, tweet the following: We will find mental health when we stop staring in the mirror, and fix our eyes on the strength and beauty of God. — Desiring God (@desiringGod) February 6, 2018 Everyone was pissed and with good reason. Once again, our fellow Christians are reinforcing the notion that we don't know shit about mental health, making it out to be a spiritual problem when it is the furthest thing from it. Later, after they clarified that this quote came from Piper's mentor, Clyde Kilby who expressed this sentiment decades ago, in an era with lesser knowledge of mental health. However, they didn't take down the tweet, and…

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Religion vs Spirituality, w/ Crystal Cheatham

Welcome to another week of #BlackHistoryMonth encore episodes! Crystal Cheatham is a writer, worshiper, and creator of the new and fantastic Our Bible App. With a story like many of our own, Crystal journeyed out of conservative Christianity and began exploring what faith looks like outside of the narrow worldview of her upbringing, and brought her into the clusterfuck that is second adolescence. Listen up. You're gonna love this. Listen to "#47- Spirituality vs Religion w. Crystal Cheatham (encore episode)" on Spreaker. ... You can connect with Crystal on all the social media @CrystalCheatham, on her blog www.CrystalCheatham.com, and with her podcast, "Lord Have Mercy" on the Apple iTunes store. AND You can download the Our Bible App NOW App Store! GO…

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So You Call Yourself a “Progressive Evangelical…”

On Friday, a tweet went out announcing that a bunch of folks known as “progressive Evangelicals” would be holding a Revival in Lynchburg, VA near Liberty University where Jerry Falwell Jr. is president. But we’re not here to talk about that. Among the people who are organizing this event is Shane Claiborne, author of “Jesus for President,” “The Irresistible Revolution.” He’s also a staunch opponent of the death penalty, a proponent of environmental reform, and seems, to most folks, to be a “progressive evangelical.” But what exactly makes a progressive evangelical? In my mind, to be a progressive Christian, in general, is to be a person who is intersectional in their justice work. Being pro-women, anti-racist, pro-LGBTQ, pro-native people’s rights,…

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Theology as Survival

Welcome to Black History Month! This month you'll be hearing encore episode from some of my favorite black guests who have brought incredible stories with them. Hope you enjoy! ... Unapologetically black, queer, and an Episcopal priest, Rev. Broderick Greer has been a public presence, a sought out speaker and continues to be a touchstone for many in this new revolution of Christian faith. In this conversation, Kevin and Rev. Greer talk about the intersections of all these multiple identities and what it is to have the Gospel of Jesus be something that actually resonates with your people and context.  It's fire, y'all. Listen to "#46 - Theology as Survival feat. Rev. Broderick Greer (Encore Episode)" on Spreaker. You can…


Gay Conversion Therapy Nearly Killed Me

I've written about this before but seeing the recent uptick in articles being written about how teens are more than likely going to be forced into forms of conversion therapy, I felt the need to share my story again. When I came out to my parents as a sophomore in high school, I was told that what I was feeling was a phase. I was told that we "were going to beat this." As if it were cancer to be cut out of my body and soul. Within a week, my mother and I drove up to a counselors office an hour away. It turned out that the woman who saw me was not even a licensed professional, but was…

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Being Gay at Liberty University

Liberty University is arguably the most conservative evangelical schools in the United States. With Trump fanatic Jerry Fallwell, Jr. at the helm, Liberty has been a symbol of MAGA Christianity for the past few years and has been at the heart of some major controversies. Today, Nathanial Totten joins me to share his experiences on coming to grips with his sexuality while at Liberty, and his journey of deconstructing his faith in a place that doesn't affirm his identity. It's full of grace, compassion, and an interesting take from a very interesting human.   Listen to "#45 - What it's Like Being Gay at Liberty University w/ Nathanial Totten" on Spreaker. ... Connect with Mr. Totten on his blog:  and across…