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Coming Out, V-Necks, and Being a Lady of the Cloth

Coming out can be a difficult process and it is unique to every individual. Kevin shares some of his experience with his coming out process while giving some universal tips and concepts that everyone--even straight allies--can use in their own lives. After that, Kevin and his WCW, Rev. Sarah Heath, talk about how the Kingdom of God looks like a hot mess, v-necks, some of her projects, and what it's like being a Lady of the Cloth. You can follow Sarah on all her social media @RevSarahHeath, and connect with her on her blog at RevSarahHeath.com.  _____ Less than a week left to get your #BadTheologyKillsShirt. Click here to order yours. And be sure to leave ATR a rating in…

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Terence Crutcher Was Killed Because He Was Black

A friend of mine from college, Nate, lives in Tulsa, the latest city to have an unarmed black man killed by police. It was filmed and broadcast to the world. His name was Terence Crutcher. His car had broken down. He wasn't doing anything wrong. But he is now dead. There was held two days later, and Nate attended a vigil. These are his reflections: “He looks like a bad dude. Probably on something.” Terence Crutcher was a father. A husband. A college student. A member of the Tulsa Schools community. Terence Crutcher was not a threat. Terence Crutcher was a person. We decided we would go – to 36th St. and North Lewis. We decided we would stand on…

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Yes, Bad Theology Literally Kills People

Being a gay Christians means that I'm kind of a rare bird in the South. And being that I go to a church that isn't affirming and inclusive of queer folks makes me and even more of an oddity. I'm tempted every week to throw in the towel. To say that it's my last week and seek somewhere else, but there is just something that is keeping me there. Every time I ask God if this church, in particular is where I'm supposed to be, the still small impression I get is always a very solid "Yes." (Could also be my martyr complex, but ya know... whatevs.) So if I am going to be in a space like that, you bet…

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If You Can’t Be Yourself, be Rachel Held Evans

We're back from Labor Day break and Kevin is sitting down with author, pastor, and recovering know-it-all, Sarah Bessey. In addition to touching on her books "Out of Sorts" and "Jesus Feminist," there is a lot of laughs, a bit of sarcasm, and a brilliant conversation about how being out of control is where the most growth happens. You can find Sarah over on her blog, SarahBessey.com and you can find her on the interwebz on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. If you want to support the work of this podcast, you can learn more at thekevingarcia.com/support .


I Came Out as Gay One Year Ago. It Made Me A Better Christian.

Exactly one year ago, I posted a blog entitled Today, I Was Brave and my life changed forever. Because in that blog I had two words that I had never said online before. “I’m gay.” And ya know what I’ve got to say to that statement 365 days later? It has been the best year of my life.  Seriously. YAY! It has been a ROLLER COASTER of a year. Saying “I’m gay” for the first time out loud (or typed out, as it was online) was both the single most freeing moment of my life and the most terrifying because I understood after this moment that there was no going back. This was the point of no return. I couldn’t…

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Orca Whales are More Emotionally Intelligent Than Us

Decent Advice is back this week, but this week it's just me. I'm answering a question about self-confidence and overcoming fear that turns into a meditation exercise and sermon, all rolled up into one. You'll get a lot out of it, I think. And then after that, I talk with Isaac Archuleta, a counselor and psychotherapist from Denver, CO. He's a dear friend of mine and I consider him a spiritual mentor. The conversation is LIT, let me tell you. So good, so deep. And I hope you get inspired and get some strength to keep going. Listen and subscribe over in iTunes.  To connect with Isaac, check out his blog and his work with his practice at iAmClinic.org. He also occasionally tweets over…

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Permissions Slips & Processes with Aydian Dowling

In this week's episode of A Tiny Revolution Once again, Kevin and Amelia tackle your questions surround love and romance with little to no real world experience in the matters of love or romance. LOLZ, am I right? And then transgender fitness model and social entrepreneur, Aydian Dowling, joins Kevin for a SUPER interesting and SUPER long conversation about life, body positivity, identity, doing what you’re created to do, marriage, and more. Check out Aydian Dowling on his YouTube channel and be sure to buy something neat from his clothing line, point5cc.com. And do me a favor, rate the ATR Podcast in the iTunes Store! And be sure to share this on social. ;) thanks babe. ... Featured Image by FTM Magazine. Interview…