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There is a practice that many people keep of praying for a singular word for the year. A focus word, a vision word, a theme for the season, whatever you call it. Anyways, in this episode, Kevin talks about his word for 2017, "Enough." And also gives a little story time from GCN... Gah. SO GOOD! You're enough, boo. You got this. Listen to "Episode 19: Enough" on Spreaker.


Only Love Can Do That

Today is Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. It's a day we celebrate the legacy of a man who was instrumental in the movement to getting black citizens the right to vote in this country and abolish many segregation laws. Granted, so much good has happened, but we have so much further to go. And I foresee it getting harder before it gets better, especially under the Trump regime, which honestly threatens so much of the progress made in the past eight years. When I think about that man, the legacy he left, and the progress being built upon his foundation, I cry. Everytime. (I know that me crying is no surprise whatsoever to most of you, but man, it is…


3 Stories from #GCNconf That Might Make You Cry in the Best Way

One. I just finished up a worship set and went out into the main lobby area to catch my breath and some air. Out at one of the tables, a dad was sitting with his young daughter. Anyone who knows me knows that I love babies. So I ask if I can sit, and politely I was invited to sit with this dad and his daughter, talking about God knows what. After a little bit of chit chat, which consisted of talking about favorite colors, about her shirt, she saw my nails. They were painted the dark gold I was telling you about in the last blog. She stares at my nails. She looks back at me. She looks back…

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Learning to Live Your Best Life with Jenilee Dowling

New Years means new beginning, and for some that means getting a little help from some people who have been around the block. Today, Jenilee Dowling, a therapist and spiritual energy healer, talks about her experience with how she learned to connect with God through a totally different path than traditional Christianity, and her aspirations to help other people step into the fullness of the lives they truly aspire toward. An awesome conversation about the nature of our innate divinity and union with the Universe. You're gonna love it. ... You can connect with Jenilee Dowling's work on her website: ReadingsByJeniLee.com, and follow her for inspiration and encouragement on twitter: @JenileeDowling, and on instagram: @ReadingsByJenilee. ... Listen to "Episode 18:…

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We Don’t Know What We’re Doing

Happy New Year, everyone! (BTW- Kevin sounds horrible on this track because after a night of well mannered frivolity, his voice was a mess. SO! just listen closely.) For many of us Queer Christian folk, we are heading into the new year and headed to the Gay Christian Network Conference in Pittsburgh! On today's podcast, we've got two conversations: one with Matthias Roberts and Kevin Garcia, who are talking about their joint workshop. And then on the second part of the podcast, Kevin interviews author and speaker, Amber Cantorna about her story, her book, and their shared hopes for the future.   Listen to "Episode 17: We Don't Know What We're Doing" on Spreaker. ... You can connect with Matthias…

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Here’s To More Weird in 2017

2016. What aΒ year, right? Interestingly enough for me, I have such mixed feelings about this year. Because, yes, horrible things happened. Our lives changed forever when the Pulse nightclub shooting happened. The Syrian civil war gave us images we can never unsee. We were shook by the results of the election. It felt like every one of our favorite icons and stars died. Katya got robbed on Drag Race. Like... for real this year was a suck fest and I am ready to be on to the next year. (Even though a calendar page turning does nothing for the ACTUAL state of the world, I just feel like the symbolic changing of the seasons will do a lot for my…

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A Light Within

Hello and Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and Happy Holidays to you, sweet friend. Today, I am putting out a special podcast with some thoughts on the incarnation, on the story of the birth of Christ, revolution and restoration, the life of Mary, and more. Think of it as your Christmas Sunday sermon without having to get out of your jammies. Listen to "Episode 16: A Light Within" on Spreaker. Also, it's got absolutely no production on it. I just hit record because it just feels... more homey. Idk. LOVE YOU AND HAPPY CRIMMUS!