On Following Jesus as a Gay Man

The other day I got to sat down with a new friend and I found some new family. It was pretty brilliant. Josh Garmon was lovely enough to have me on his podcast and I hope you'll listen, feel encouraged, and then SHARE this with people who maybe have never heard a gay Christian share their story. Click here to listen in iTunes/in your Podcast App.  Be sure to subscribe and then check out Josh's blog at

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Sex, Second Adolescence, and So Much More

You're probably why I picked a lemur for the stock photo for this post. It's because lemurs are beautiful and awkward, just like this conversation I'm sharing with you today. In this episode, I sit down with my friend Daniel and talk little about his story, a little about sex, a little about coming out later in life, sexual ethics, living and working with churches, and so much more! It's a delightful, frank, and barely edited conversations. Grab a beer and let's chill. Before you listen, would you mind giving me a rating in the iTunes store? It seriously helps with visibility and connecting this podcast with people who need it. Also, do me a favor and SHARE this episode on…

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When God Told @JamesTheVerb to Be Homeless

James Barnett was easily and quickly climbing the American capitalist corporate ladder, living quite a comfortable life, when he finally caught a vision of what Jesus was doing in the world. Shortly after that, he felt God ask him to do something truly radical: become intentionally homeless. And what’s even more insane than that request? He actually did it. You’re gonna love this story, trust me. Listen to "Episode 14: When God Told James to Be Homeless" on Spreaker. You can connect with James Barnett on his website,, on Twitter and Instagram @JamesTheVerb, and you can check out his non-profit clothing line, Clothe Your Neighbor As Yourself at Some of my favorite quoteables from the podcast: Music today’s…

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4 Tips for Surviving Family Gatherings During the Holidays

With everything that has happened with the election, trust me, I know that going for the holidays is probably going to be tougher than it usually is. I'm one of the only progressive/liberal minded people in my family, and there is only a certain amount of time that will pass before the alcohol kicks in and someone says something insensitive. I'm not even home yet and the holiday season has exhausted me. Honestly, there are moments whenI want nothing more than to ring my family’s neck. But even with all that strife and all these differences, it doesn’t mean we can’t have honest, intelligent, and civil dialogue. I'd say now, more than ever, it's important to talk to our families about…

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Learning to Love my Mixed-Race Identity

“Your last name is Garcia?” People are always surprised when I show up and I don’t have darker hair or darker skin. “Yeah,” I respond timidly, “My dad is Mexican.” “Oh, well you don’t look Mexican…” I don’t really know how to respond to that. My temptation is to be sarcastic, to ask how many Mexicans they actually know or how, specifically, Mexicans are supposed to look or act or dress. But they aren’t ready for that, and they really don’t mean anything by it. And maybe it’s my own fault for not being more visible or not talking about my mixed-race identity more. My cousin, who I regrettably don’t talk to enough, has been doing a lot of research…

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Take Me To Church! featuring Jordan Bach

So the election happened... now what? Kevin brings us a mini sermon on sitting with our own feelings and talks about ways to use your anger to move you into action, the importance of finding peace, and letting love be the force to guide you forward. After that, Kevin shares his conversation with spiritual coach/real life ordinary human, Jordan Bach, wherein they talk about pretty much everything. It's gonna take y'all to CHURCH. Connect Jordan Bach over on this website,, on twitter @JordanBach and on instagram @theBachBook.  ... Special thanks to RV Mendoza for the use of his new track, "You Blew It," which is available on Spotify, and the music video is live on YouTube. You can find RV…


Becoming the Role Model I Wish I’d Had

Today's guest blog comes from my friend, Michele Goering, an incredible woman living in California, and someone who is learning what it is to be a bisexual woman of faith. She's sharing her story of what God has done in her life, and what it meant to have the visibility of other LGBT Christians as an example for her to step into the fullness of who she is. Read this, share this, and be blessed by it. I have a story. We all have a story. Sometimes we share our stories with others. I often find that we lock away parts of our stories and hide them, because we fear that they will change how people see us. One thing I’ve learned…