“I love you, but…”

"I love you, but..." I heard that phrase over and over again when I first came out. From family members, from people who I once counted as my chosen family, from folks from the missionary community I worked in. It was very strange to me because I was taught about a Jesus who loved without conditions, who simply called people into abundant life. I braced myself for the assholes of the internet coming at me. It still is not uncommon to get an email or facebook message or comment telling me to turn away from my sin. That if I repented and turned to Jesus my life would be saved. Those don't bother me because I don't know those anonymous…

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Rev. Emmy Kegler is Trying to Convert Me

AND WE'RE BACK! This week, Rev. Emmy Kegler shares her story towards becoming a Lutheran pastor and subtly tries to convert Kevin to the mainline. It's honestly such a fun conversation, and there are some beautiful moments where we talk about communion and the power of religious community. Enjoy! Listen to "Episode 25 - Rev. Emmy Kegler is Trying to Convert Me" on Spreaker. _______ You can connect with Rev. Emmy Kegler on twitter @EmmyKegler and with her writing at _______ The music for today's show was by My Terrible Friend, of their self-titled EP. The song is called "When I Decide." Check out that project along with all of Nataly Dawn's work online at

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Easter Sunday: Who Are You Looking For?

Easter Sunday. Finally, all of my mainline family can stop yelling at me about me singing worship songs that have the word "hallelujah" in it. 😜 lololzzzz am I right? Most of us know what we're celebrating. Most of us know the story. But let's recap, shall we? Jesus has been in the ground for a few days, and on the morning of the third day, the women who were followers of Jesus were then going to the tomb to prepare the body for a proper burial. But when they get there, a most curious thing has happened. The stone which covered the tomb was rolled away. They rushed into the tomb to see if the body was there and it…


Holy Saturday: A Practice of Greif

Holy Saturday is often forgotten, but it is so important to remember. In the Evangelical tradition, I come from, we don’t have a very good practice of grieving. Maybe that has a bit to do with the western practice of hiding all our emotions, trying to put on our best face at all times, not letting anyone see our vulnerable side because vulnerability is dangerous. We don’t know how to mourn our losses. And that’s exactly what Holy Saturday is about.  So many times, we skip today. We are crying on Friday, do whatever on Saturday and the bloop! It’s Sunday, Jesus is risen, praise dance it out, let’s get brunch in our pastels. But we can’t. Not with the world we…


Being Gay on Good Friday

For a long time, I had no idea how to handle Good Friday. I didn’t understand why we had a whole day set aside to talk about the crucifixion when we are supposed to be focused on the resurrection of Jesus. Catholics, mainline protestants, and other liturgical congregations all had this solemn nature and even had whole services dedicated to this holy day, but I never really understood why until recently. In the faith I grew up with, we never focused much on Good Friday. We only focused on Easter. Only on life, never death. Only on resurrection, never suffering. Only on the Heaven promised us, never the hell we live in now. And that’s not a bad way to live.…


Maundy Thursday: For You, For Me, Communion, Eternity

There is so much we could unpack here. The Institution of the Lord’s supper, the washing of the feet, the incredible teaching Jesus gave to his disciples, the promise of the Holy Spirit and sorrow turning to joy… Jesus says so much here. But, what I’d like to focus on is my personal connection to the first part, when Jesus shared the Passover with his disciples.  After the shootings in Orlando happened, I went to a memorial and received communion there. Without a doubt, it was one of the most powerful experiences ever.  It was at I a place called Bar Church, not to be confused with Atlanta’s famous “Bar (It’s a Church),” a sacrilegious queer-ish bar near Inman Park…


Spy Wednesday: The Beauty & Betrayal We’re All Capable Of

I wonder if anyone saw it coming. Judas was one of Jesus’ disciples, one of the twelve, and so there must have been some intimacy between them.  And yet, for a handful of silver, Judas decides to betray Jesus. In Luke, chapter 22, it says that Judas, “consented and sought an opportunity to betray him to [the chief priests and the scribes] in the absence of a crowd.” That theme of crowds not being around is constantly coming up.  Why? That is the one thing that is so unclear to me. Why would someone so close to the center of Jesus’ movement betray him to the authorities? And Jesus knew. Either prophetically or because he was intuitive, he knew.  I’d…