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Frat Boys Gone Mild

Fraternities generally have a not so great reputation in the public eye. Between hazing practices, horrible sexist and misogynistic attitudes towards women, racist attitudes towards people of color... I mean it's all true. Those things have happened. And by in large, the worst things you may have heard about through various media is only what happens And, like any group, there are always exceptions to the rule. Today, you're going to hear the stories of two gay brothers of Sigma Phi Epsilon who learned the value of their humanity because of their fraternity experience and also found a path to spiritual health. Listen to "#44 - Frat Boys Gone Mild" on Spreaker. I'd love to hear what you think. Comment…


Do Less. Feel More.

My therapy sessions always tend to start the same way. My therapist asks, "How do you feel?" I'll say, "I'm fine, I think." And then I think to myself then what the fuck are you doing in therapy if you're fine? Idiot... I'll start off with small things and start talking about the things that have happened as of late, new insight I'm having. About midway through the conversation, I'll begin to find myself detaching from the emotions welling up in my throat and boiling up behind my eyes. I'll stop. "What was that shift in your body just now?" She's very observant, my therapist. It's like she can read my emotions as if they were running across my forehead. "I…

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Fuck the Patriarchy, feat. Rev. Dr. Neichelle R. Guidry

Let's start off this New Years Revolution with a bang, shall we? Rev. Dr. Neichelle Guidry is our guest today, and she is covering everything from being a black woman with a prophetic voice in a world dominated by white male nonsense, to her practices of self-care, to how being her authentic self is a big middle finger to the patriarchy. She is fierce innovation and tender love and Jesus wrapped into one. You're gonna love her.   Listen to "#43 - Fuck the Patriarchy (feat. Rev. Neichelle R. Guidry)" on Spreaker. Follow Neichelle across social media @neichelleg, on her website www.revneichelle.com and check out her amazing project, she preaches, at www.shepreaches.com ... Find out how you can support this…


I Actually Don’t Know for Sure if it’s Okay to be Gay…

I've had a few folks ask me, "How do you know for certain it's okay to be gay?" And the short answer? I don't. Let's unpack that, shall we? Thanks for watching! I'd love for you to subscribe over on YouTube and if this video was good for you, consider supporting creating more content like it by becoming a sustaining partner thru Patreon!

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1 Cor. and 1 Tim. Is it about Gay Sex or Exploitation?

Arsenakoitai and Malakoi are two words that mean two different things. So why do modern biblical translation them render them as one word—homosexual? In this latest video, we're covering the two clobber passages in 1 Corinthians and 1 Timothy, where two Greek words, which are notoriously hard to translate with 100% accuracy, have been mistranslated, misused, and misrepresented. Thanks so much for watching! Be sure to comment and if you think this video was good for you or helpful, consider supporting creating more like it by becoming a sustaining partner through Patreon.

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All of The Things, feat. Michael Vazquez

Y'all, when two good friends sit down to talk about Jesus, the Church, discipleship, relationship, lust, sexual ethics... like there's so much. Today, Michael Vazquez and Kevin talk about pretty much freaking everything and it's a delightful smattering of queer Christian fun, questions, praise, reflection... just get into it. Listen to "#42- All of the Things, feat. Michael Vasquez" on Spreaker. Connect with Michael Vasquez across all social media @MVsebastian, and support his work through Patreon.com/MVsebastian If you liked this episode, consider supporting it's creating by becoming a sustaining partner through Patreon. 


Advent in Retrograde…

Advent is the beginning of the Church's liturgical calendar. I never knew that growing up. I always thought that Christmas happened at the end of the year, a way to go out with a bang when really, it's meant to be the beginning. It's a season of preparing ourselves for what is to come in the year ahead of us. It's the darkest point of the year (at least for the northern hemisphere) and each Sunday we light a new candle to signify the Light of God coming to us, illuminating the shadows. I've been meditating on this concept a lot recently, how that in the midst of the darkness of our world, God came as a tiny drop of…