Can You Use Tarot AND be Christian?

I’ve been reading tarot for a few years, and I wanted to share part of my story so that you might understand how I work.

I got into tarot a few years ago when my friend @JenileeDowling invited me to do a energy healing session with her. And what I experienced during that was the presence of the Holy. Like it was LOVE. It was God. I was already familiar with that feeling.

And so I trusted it. And I knew she was into things like tarot, which I was always was curious about. So, much like that experience with Jenilee, I decided to explore. What was the worst that could happen? (answer, the worst that would happen is nothing, and I remain unchanged)

And as I began working with tarot as a tool of self exploration and reflection, I found God. I found God speaking to me through these tools. Cards that have deep meaning, archetypes, calls to action. They cause me to ask deep questions of myself.

When I read tarot, I am praying. I am asking God to speak through me, to ask the questions that will lead whoever is in front of me to a deeper knowledge of themselves and Love. I use tarot as a tool to guide the questions we need to ask of ourselves.

Tarot is not a fortune-telling thing. It's not a future-cast. It's a mirror for right now. And when we are honest with ourselves, it can be the starting point for personal transformation.


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