God Planned You

Desire is the creative force that created the universe. God wanted it to be here, and so it is. And over the course of 13.8 billion years, that desire lead to you.

Do you understand what a miracle you are? All the things that had to happen in the cosmos, exactly as it did, in order to lead you to you? To lead you to this moment?

The Bible has all these passages where it says things like, "And God remembered...", in moments where things are hard, God stepped in and delivers God's people into freedom. I heard a teacher once say that the better translation is actually, "God was always thinking of..."

And I want you to hear this: God is always thinking of you.

13.8 billion years of planning lead to you.

Your life. Your story. You, dear heart, are God's wonder, fully made. Your consciousness and desire are the Divine fire of Love that made the universe. You were there at the beginning with God, you are with God now, and even after you're done here, you can't escape Love.

And if you have trouble believing that, it's okay. You believing it or not does not make it any less true. Know that there are others around you, believing it for you.

Heal. Open yourself up to this reality that Love is the true constant in the universe. Let your creativity and desire come forth.

If you are in a place where you’re having trouble believing you are loved, or maybe you need help getting unstuck, set up a discovery call with me.


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